Having first been inspired by “classics” such as High School Musical, Glee and Hannah Montana, Kevin is a real-life Troy Bolton having devoted his first 14 years to athletics and academics only to be rerouted in 2009 by Depew High School’s production of Annie.

Who knew such stimulation could come from an
11-year-old red-headed orphan?

After making his creative debut as “Rooster,” Kevin’s love for acting, singing and attention only grew and matured. Kevin found his voice, family and forever-home while earning his BFA at Fredonia and then promptly fled the blue and white nest.

Having sprout his bedazzled wings, Kevin soared across the rainbow-filled skies until savagely crashing into the sobering New York City pavement. Ouchie.

Sustaining a life as an artist is no joke...

...but I laugh at it anyway.

The amount of hair I’ve lost trying to be ~the best~ is concerning, but with all failures - all the times I’ve cracked on a B♭, all the times I’ve stress-cried during a dance call- have granted me a serenity and understanding of a phrase I have been hearing since birth: “Don’t aim to be the best. Aim to be the best you.”

Thanks Dad. ♡

Celebrating 10 years in theatre this year, I have endless gratitude to give. To the shoulders in which I dig my figurative heels into, yes, but also to my psyche to not only calm, but remind. Remind me that my art is FUN and that my art makes me feel good. In the same way it did singing “Easy Street” a decade before.

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Shellscrape Theatre Company’s new adaptation of Sophie Treadwell’s 1928 play based on the life and trial of Ruth Snyder played to sold out crowds.

Written and Directed by Elaine Rava
Assistant Director, 
Angela Wheeler
Technical Director, 
Brian C. Staton
Visual Marketing & Projection Design, Kevin Stevens



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